At the ECCV2016, Ronny and I are going to present SyB3R, our framework for creating synthetic multi-view stereo datasets. The project website with the paper and poster can already be found here. The code will follow in the next days.

List of Publications

I finally put together my list of publications. I also uploaded slides and material of my GCPR presentation "Depth Map based Facade Abstraction from Noisy Multi-View Stereo Point Clouds".

Obligatory First Post

Forced by the ISPRS Congress to finally feed my Apache with more than just place holders, I spent the train ride to Prague with my most beloved technologies: CSS, HTML, JS, and the web stack in general (yes, that was sarcasm). The net result is a project page for our paper about noise suppression for 3D reconstructions (clicky) and an accompanying (unofficial) app for Sony cameras that facilitates the data acquisition (clicky).